Recycling Program

Post Consumer Mattresses & Box Springs

Southern Nights Mattress Company is the largest recycler of mattresses in the Southeastern United States. Southern Nights is under contract with many of the largest retailers, commercial and institutional users of mattresses in the region to pick-up used mattresses and box springs for recycling. Recovered products are counted, sorted and separated for 1) refurbishment, or 2) recycling.

The general conditions for refurbishment are:

  • Dry with no sign of residual moisture
  • Free of mold or mildew
  • Free of insect infestation
  • No damage to frame or innerspring

If the product passed the above conditions, a thorough inspection and sanitization process is completed before the covering, foam and upholstery is replaced with new virgin materials.  The discarded materials are recycled.  The finished bedding products are redeployed for use in homeless shelters and community living quarters, or are sold in non-profit thrift stores as refurbished products.  

If the products do not pass the above general conditions for refurbishment, they are recycled.  The upholstery layers are recovered, processed and re-used as raw materials in the manufacture of carpet under padding, automotive under padding, insulator padding and other applications.  Steel, plastic and wood are also recovered for recycling.  Over 95% of the products recovered through the recycling program are diverted from landfills.   

Southern Nights Mattress Company’s Product Recovery and Waste Minimization Program is responsible for diverting over half a million cubic feet of waste from landfills annually.  It also provides an affordable solution to the growing need for quality bedding products among our homeless shelters and community living arrangements, as well as those in need of low cost quality bedding products.  

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