Mattress Care

Mattress Care

Protecting your your new mattress or sleep set requires some simple but very important steps to ensure that you get years of enjoyment and restful sleep.

1. Breathability: Remove any plastic and other packaging materials from your new mattress and platform/box spring. This will allow your new bed to breathe, thereby eliminating any new product odor. It will also allow for proper air circulation around the sleep surface and will reduce body heat and moisture build-up.

2. Protection: Always use a good quality, washable mattress pad to protect your mattress. This will not only keep it looking fresh and clean, but it will prevent your mattress from bacterial and microbial infestation, reduce allergenic reactions and ensure that the upholstery layers in your mattress are protected against agents that could reduce their performance and comfort. Proper care will also protect your mattress warranty.

3. Support: Be sure to use a sturdy, high quality bed frame or support system. If it’s a queen or king size set, make sure your frame or support system has the strong center support that will prevent bowing or breakage. Failing to do so could affect the product performance and warranty.

4. Cleaning: The only recommended method from cleaning your mattress and/or foundation or boxspring is vacuuming. If you are trying to remove a stain be very careful not to use dry cleaning or spot removal chemicals, as they may be harmful to the fabric and underlying upholstery materials. Very limited use of cold water with a small amount of mild soap is the safest method when trying to remove a stain, however, introducing soap and water to a mattress may promote microbial growth and be harmful to your mattress and to yourself, so be very careful. It may also affect your produce warranty as well. This is another reason why it is so important to protect your mattress with a good quality mattress pad.

5. Labeling: Don’t remove the labeling and tags on the mattress. It’s not illegal to remove the tag, but the information on the label will serve as a means of identification should you have a warranty claim.