The Wellness Collection™ – Healthcare

Introducing the WELLNESS COLLECTION™ by Southern Nights. The WELLNESS COLLECTION™ offers unparalleled quality and value with full-featured products designed to meet or exceed the most demanding Healthcare requirements for durability, comfort, health and fire safety (including BFD IX-11, CAL 129, ASTM E 1590/NFPA 101® Life Safety Code® & 16 CFR Part 1633).


Wellness Collection
- The name says it all!  The core of The Classic™ mattress features a superior quality 13 gauge Bonnell Series 336 coil spring unit with 6 gauge border rod and full perimeter edge guards; designed to provide years of comfort and durability.  The spring unit is covered by a heavy duty fire retardant fiber cotton comfort padding.  A plush layer of premium grade 1.8 lb/ft3 density polyurethane foam is added for unparalleled comfort and is wrapped over the boarder rod for added protection, comfort and durability.  The Classic™ is finished with a luxurious quilted damask covering, 10 oz vinyl or 210 denier nylon fabric that is fire retardant; breathable; anti-microbial/anti-fungal; MRSA resistant; fluid-proof; bio-hazard, stain, crack and slip resistant and passes the allergen barrier simulation test!  It lasts longer, reduces body heat build-up and provides greater durability.
Our Classic™ is also available with foam-encased construction and no boarder rod - our Classic-Fe. Dual density, high resiliency, high density foam boarder edge support system that provides greater comfort and a highly resilient and durability.
The EnviroComfort™ offers outstanding comfort, durability and value and features a premium quality 1.8 lb/ft3 density polyurethane foam core with full fire-barrier and a quilted damask, 10 oz vinyl or 210 denier nylon covering . The EnviroComfort™ product line is 100 percent recyclable! Great for LEED® credits!
EnviroComfort II
- The EnviroComfort II™ is the EnviroComfort™, but with a high quality dual-density polyurethane foam core which offers two different degrees of firmness, specifically engineered to provide the maximum level of comfort and durability to the widest range of sleep preferences. Simply flip the mattress to match your sleep preference! A truly innovative customizable sleep product designed, engineered and manufactured by Southern Nights Mattress Company®. The EnviroComfort™ product line is 100 percent recyclable! Great for LEED® credits!