About Us

Southern Nights Mattress Company was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of mattresses and bedding products for the value-oriented retail furniture industry. The company quickly became know in the Southeast for producing quality bedding products that represented great value and soon thereafter expanded into the hospitality, education, government and healthcare industries. In 2007 under new ownership, Southern Nights launched a significant expansion program and set out to enhance it’s position as a leading contract manufacturer of quality bedding products. The Company purchased a new 60,000 square foot factory building, added an entire production line with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, launched intense quality and safety training programs and conducted a thorough review and redesign of all product lines to enhance performance and value. The results speak for themselves. Sales are up over 50 per cent, market service coverage has grown from regional coverage to national coverage and we are now the preferred supplier of quality bedding products to some of the Nations’ largest users of mattresses and bedding products. Our success is simply the result of the unwavering commitment of our Employees and the loyalty and support of our Clients. Going forward, Southern Nights will continue to raise the bar, set higher standards and earn the ongoing employee commitment and client support that is the reason for our existence and success. Thanks to all!

Please let us know how we can help you exceed your goals and dreams.  Rest Assured, we will work tirelessly towards them.

Team Southern Nights.